Patrick and Julien’s elopement is interrupted when Patrick’s car breaks down in the middle of a storm. The two take shelter in an abandoned shed. While the storm rages the two begin to discuss their romance—their age difference; Julien’s mother, whom the pair are running from; and what Patrick plans to do about his wife and daughter—and fractures begin to show.

This play was performed as a part of the Australia’s Short & Sweet competition and is now in want of a permanent home.

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When married couple Keith and Billy, lawyer and data analyst respectively, move house they don’t even have time to unpack their boxes before the world comes knocking at their door. Keith has assigned prosecution on a filicide case that’s dominating the headlines. Meanwhile, Billy’s parents, with whom he is semi-estranged, have arrived in town. As the case intensifies and Billy begins re-exploring the depths of his parental relationships, the couple find their marriage being tested in unexpected ways.

This play is a work in progress. If you know anyone with deep pockets and a penchant for funding theatre please put them in contact with me.