Manic is a blog. I co-created it with my good friend and alleged human, Lily Dalby. We made it on purpose. The goal of Manic–our mission statement if you will (we understand if you won’t) is to create a place for almost intelligent people to talk about almost relevant culture.

Primarily, Manic focus on “fine art” and “literature” — but these are less rules and more like guidelines. We’ll bend them to fit whatever we’re in the mood to talk about. And do not be fooled. While we like topics that are traditionally academic and serious our coverage of them is informal and wacky; we have written narratological readings of the Barbie movies and would do so again.

If you are interested in writing for Manic shoot me some electronic mail. We love objectively terrible, and generally “unpublishable” concepts. Nonsense is encouraged.

Selected Clips from Manic

A Close Reading of a Passage from The Goldfinch that Makes Me Feel Insane

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A Walk & Talk Interview with HAIM

did Carly Rae Jepsen write Dedicated and Dedicated Side B about I’ll Give You The Sun?