Natural History Illustration, Parhelion

A week later the University closed, who could afford tuition? Bryony, like many other academics, lacked skills for “essential work” and was press ganged into the newly formed Manual Pollination Corp. You were lucky. Your background in the medical sciences landed you a job at the hospital. You joined just as the first cases of Pollinator Syndrome (the news called it “The Buzz”) were recorded.


The Empathy Lecture, the tiny journal

We moved in on the same day. His palm was sweaty, and he shook my hand too long. ‘Hurt, Carter Hurt’ was how he introduced himself. Like he was James fucking Bond. The only thing we had in common was that we both ticked “night owl” and “snores infrequently” on our roommate surveys.

‘We both like movies’, he pointed out. This was untrue.

Hurt, Carter Hurt liked movies. I liked film.